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Short History of Murano Glass Beads

The making of glass beads and "glass" in general from Murano dates back to 1291 when the Venetian government take the decision to move the glass makers out of the city to the island of Murano - because of often fire hazards associated with the glass making industry. Even today Murano remains the world leader in the hand manufacture of glass beads and jewellery. The Murano Glass tradition of the Maestri Vetrai which has been handed down from father to son is still preserved by the Venetian government and appreciated all over the world.


How Murano Glass Beads are made . . .

Most Murano beads are made using an open flame, and are called lampwork beads. Long ago the flame was fueled by animal fat with a strong current of air produced by bellows. Today the heat is produced from gas-fired torches. The raw materials are canes of colored glass and thin copper tube. The artisan heats the glass cane and winds the molten glass (and other materials) around the copper tube. Sometimes the artisan then puts the still soft bead into a handmade mold for a particular shape. Later, once the bead is cooled, it is immersed in a bath of nitric acid, which dissolves the copper, leaving the perfectly smooth hole through the bead.


A special kind of Murano bead use gold or silver leaf, wrapped around the softened glass, then with another cooler of glass covering it, giving the beads the extraordinary luminosity they are noted for.


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Murano Glass and Murano Glass Beads has its own history. An ancient history of precious art. This Murano Glass Beads online store shows to you a world of history and colour. We manufacture murano glass beads and we are doing it full with passion. Our clients are always delighted by our products. Which can only be possible through passionate production. We invite you to a journey in the fascinating world of beads combined in the most amaizing forms.
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A few words about Murano Beads:
Millefiori Beads Known as thousand flowers ( millefiori is the italian word for thousand of flowers), these Murano beads have been popular since centuries. The Murano bead is made by first gathering a small ball of clear or matching color transparent glass, then rolling the ball over small slices of the millefiori cane or carefully placing them on the ball. The bead maker continues rotating and evenly heating the bead until the millefiori slices are completely formed into the bead.

Sommerso Beads

Sommerso means submerged and is a description of how this bead is made, small flecks of color, often aventurina (A Venetian word) are suspended inside transparent glass. It is a very popular Murano Glass Beads.

Fiorato Beads

Decorated with flowers, as fiore means flower in Italian, this word means small flowers. The bead can be made in any technique, gold foil, silver foil, sommerso, however on the outside there will be a small flower which is drawn using molten stringers of colored glass. Murano Fiorato beads require more skill and art than sommerso for making.

Gold Foil, White Gold and Silver Foil

Murano Beads made by first making a small ball of the glass and then rolling the molten glass ball across thin sheets of 24kt gold foil, 24kt white gold foil or .925 sterling silver. The 24kt gold foil under the colors gives it a rich glow, enhancing the color, while the 24kt white gold foil gives the bead a softer shade of color, refined and warm. Using .925 sterling silver, the true color of the glass is brightened and becomes crisp. The white gold is an alloy with 18kt gold foil and white colored metals, the same as in fine jewelry.

Blown Beads

The blown beads are the only beads made in a real Murano glass furnace or in small laboratories using "glory holes". They are made using a technique called filigrana the glass blower first takes a blowpipe and rolls over canes of colored glass giving the striping in each bead. They may be finished in spirals, or straight striping, and may be balls, or teardrop shape or our very popular pennies which are balls which have been flattened.

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