How to buy?

How to choose a product ?

Nothing more simple! Navigate on the pages containing the products by using the menu on the left side of the page. You also have the possibility to display the categories by making a click on the Beads key.

How to buy?

Navigating along the site, you may choose the items which you are interested in and you may add them to the shopping cart by pressing the Buy this item key, which is placed in front of each item on the site.

The prices displayed on the website do not include VAT.

First of all, you must choose the quantity and the colour wished for so that the products be added in the virtual shopping cart on the right side of the page. You may add to the virtual shopping cart as much products as you want by using the same method.During your visit in the Glass Beads Murano Millefiori shop you have the full control over the shopping cart: you may add products, modify quantities or you may renounce to a product from the shopping cart. Any minute, you have on the right of the page the total amount of the shopping, a summary of the proforma invoice that you may itemize by making a click on the View List. If you want more pieces from a certain item, in the box indicating the quantity, you have to modify with the number of pieces  you want and make a click on Modify. In order to remove a product from  your shopping cart, press the Remove key.If you leave and come back on the site the shopping cart will contain the products you have already chosen.

How to place an order ?

After having finished your shopping and verified the shopping cart, pass to the following step by a click on the key placed at the bottom of the page I have finished my shopping, I want to CHECKOUT. In order to place an order you must have an account. If you do not have an account you may however add products to your shopping cart following that in the moment you want to place the order you open one.You may open an account by pressing on the link Login/Signup placed in the area of the shopping cart on the right side of the site. Immediately after having opened the account, a message will be sent on your e-mail address in order to be checked up.After it has been checked up you have only to check up the address where you want the products added to your shopping cart be delivered, to choose the wanted payment modality and the  delivery.After you have successfully sent your order, our operators will contact you by telephone or email in order to inform you about the details concerning the delivery

How to pay ?

You may choose between the following payment modalities:

  • cash on delivery (only for the orders from Romania) , the payment is made in cash towards the commission agent which carries out delivery.
  • on line, by (payment) bank card, either debit or credit card; the card my be issued by Romanian or foreign banks under the logos VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club.
  • Through bank transfer before the delivery of the products.
The amount will be transferred in the following account:
RO1254856985215623687520 opened with the Banca Comercială Română
(Romanian Commercial Bank)
To Millefiori Romania, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

How will be a delivery fulfilled and how shall I receive the ordered products ?

Our operators will send you an email specifying in how many days your order will be delivered. It depends on the existing stock and the items under production and may last 3, 5, 10 or 20 days.
If the payment is made by card, the items will be delivered on the address specified by you as address for delivery.
If the payment is made by bank transfer, the items will be delivered after checking up the statement of account which confirm the cashing of the equivalent value of the invoice.The order is delivered by fast courier service or by post.

The postage (charges) will be added to your invoice.

Legal information.

The technical information or the prices of the products existing on this site are informative ones and may be changed without a prior notice, and Millefiori Romania does not assume any responsability for the changes which might occur.

 Security of  transactions through bank cards.

The sites e-commerce, meet (comply with) the 3D Secure Secure conditions (MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by VISA), the most modern and safe modality of electronic payment. The 3D Secure system developed by Visa and MasterCard ensures (confers) the certainty of safe transactions to the holders of the cards.The transactions are operated by the Raiff operation system epayment. The process of authenticating the card is made on the basis of the security code known only by the holder and is carried out by the VISA and MasterCards servers, exclusively. The 3D systems of these international payment organizations allow the addition to the card account of a secret code which will protect its holder against an unauthorized use of the card he holds while buying online from our affiliated shops.MasterCard and VISA ensures both the virtual trader`s identity and that of the holder of the card, so that he is the single person able to make the transaction. The data of the card required for a transaction are introduced in the database of the bank, under maximum security.

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