Terms for using the on line shop

Introductory chapter

The terms „glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com”, „on line shop”, „site”, „MILLEFIORI”, „MILLEFIORI ROMANIA”, „we”, „company” hereunder refer to the company MILLEFIORI ROMANIA SRL and its services offered through the on line shop, glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. 

The term of „user” refers to all natural and legal persons who access the on line shop  glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. 

The company MILLEFIORI SRL which owns and manages the on line shop glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com., has its head office in Arad, Calea Zimandului 26, postal code (ZIP) 310530 and is registered at the Trade Register Arad under nr. J02/137/2000, unique registration code CUI 12774978. Contact data: telephone: 0257 278 404 or by using the contact form from the link placed on the bottom of the web page.

The contract for using the on line shop glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com.   

The use of the on line shop glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com.  automatically involves the user in accepting the terms and conditions of the present document, document which may be revised any time by updating this page, that is why we recommend you to visit this page periodically. This document will legaly bind on the parties.
We specify that the e-commerce activity provided through the on line shop glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com.   wholly observes the Romanian laws in force.

Users`registration, data security

The use of some of the services offered by the on line shop glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. , involves the users in:

  1. providing their real (true), exact and complete data as they are requested in the entry (registration) form of the on line shop
  2. updating these registration data as often as necessary, in order to be true, exact and complete.

Providing inexact or false date will have as a consequence the suspension of the account and of the possibility to create another account in the on line shop glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com.

While being registered in the on line shop, you will be asked to provide certain personal information, a valid e-mail address included. The e-mail address is necessary in order to authenticate the user`s account, at this address the user will be asked to activate his position as a member of the on line shop.

glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. will not  disclose (divulge) to third parties the personal data of the users registered in the on line shop, without the user`s consent (surname, first name, telephone, e-mail address, mail address) except the cases prescribed by the law.
glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. reserves the right to provide certain services to a third party, taking into consideration the data mentioned in the user`s  form filled in for being registered in the on line shop. (i.e. statistical data).

The user is liable for failing to observe the confidentiality concerning the information provided for the registration in the on line shop (especially the user name  and the password) as well as for using the personal registration, even if it is used with or without the user`s consent.   

The user agrees to inform any unauthorized use of the personal account in the on line shop glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. The user also agrees to use the Log out key in order to output the account whenever he wants to leave the personal section from the on line shop or the on line shop.

For the moral prejudice or material damage arising from the nonobservance of the previous provisions, glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. is not liable.

glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. will block (stop) the use of the on line shop services for certain users which do not observe the provisions of this document, if it deems it fit.

glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. will not be liable in any way to the user or a third party , for having blocked  and / or deleted the access (entry) account in the on line shop.
Our service includes messages (communications) of an administrative and commercial nature which will be sent to you in the moment you decide to register yourself as a user.

User`s liabilities

While using the on line shop glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com.  you are obliged to observe the following points, being directly responsible for the actions performed in the on line shop and their consequences:

  1. do not publish obscene, defamatory,  threatening or malicious materials in relation to (towards) another user , natural or legal person.
  2. do not use the information from this on line shop for commmercial purposes, only for personal ones.
  3. do not use programmes with a view to distroying informatic systems or information
  4. do not use the materials from this site, whitout the owner`s  written consent.


The images of the products existing in the shop are only for presentation. They may sometimes differ from the product they represent, depending on the suppliers we work with.

Rights over (on) the materials entered (registered) in the on line shop

The visual display and the use of the data entered (registered) into the on line shop are allowed only for the user`s personal use. The distribution or compiling and the re-compiling under any form or the use of these materials for advertizing or commercial purposes is strictly forbidden, being punished according to the copyright law.

The content of the on line shop, including  texts, graphics, images, soft and the other materials included herein are protected by the copyright law and is the property of glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com.

The access by (of) any unauthorized user into the administration account or into the account from the server where this on line shop is  housed, is strictly forbidden, this being considered  an offence and being punished according to the Romanian laws in force.   
Promotion and competition

We establish by ourselves the regulations for the promotion and competition we organize. We shall inform our potential participants about these regulations  only through our own site. Only the orders which strictly observe the rules displayed on the site will benefit from the promotion. The promotion will be also applied  only to those orders which are registered by the company in the period when the promotion is valid and only within the limit of the available stock.

We do not guarantee the availability in stock of the products on special offer (promotion) and we may stop or cancel it in any moment without any prior notice.

Conditions of return

We want you be fully contented  when you buy fron the on line shop. If you are not pleased with the products you have bought, you may send them back and we shall reimburse the equivalent value of your order. The Roumanian legislation stipulates: The consumer has the right to inform, in written form, the trader that he renounces to the purchase, without penalties and without invoking any reason, within 10 working days after the reception of the product.

The  glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. customers may return the products they have bought, in the original packing, within 10 working days after receiving them, without penalties and without invoking any reason. The customer will bear all the expenses for sending back the products, using the same transport service (utility) that provided the delivery.  glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. will reimburse the equivalent value of the order within almost 30 days from the date of denounciation in written form of the contract.
The reimbursed amount as well as the conditions of return do not include transport costs.

Links to other suppliers of information and services

The  glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. site may provide, or third parties may provide links to other World Wide Web sites or other resources. As glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. has no control over these sites or resources, you are informed and you agree that glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. is not responsible for their availability and do not guarantee and is not responsible for any content, advertizing, products or other materials from or available on these sites or resources.

Moreover, you recognize and you agree that glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. will not be responsible or liable to pay compensation, directly or indirectly for any damage or loss caused or supposed to be caused by or in connection with the use of or confidence in the information provided by such a content, available goods or services on or through such kind of sites and resources.

Limitation of liability

glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. can not be held responsible for any direct, indirect, casual (incidental) damages arising from the use of the on line shop. These may arise from the followings (but not only):

  1. inaccessibility of the on line shop service
  2. any third parties` actions or statements concerning the on line shop
  3. unauthorized access or deterioration of the user`s communications or data.

The on line shop services are offered „such they are” or „ such they are available” and they may be accessed on own responsibility.

 glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. does not offer any warranty that:

  1. the servicies will be uninterrupted, certain (safe) or without errors (excepting here that the security of the on line transaction which is safe)
  2. the services will fully meet the user`s requirements
  3. possible programming errors will be remedied

Final Details

The provisions contained in this document represent an agreement between the user and glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com.. If one of these provisions is invalidated from the legal point of view, this invalidation will not alter the validity of the other provisions.

These condition contained in this document may be modified by MILLEFIORI SRL, the owner on glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. whenever necessary, without being obliged to announce the users by any means.
The regulation and relations between the users and glass-beads-murano-millefiori.com. will be governed by the laws in force in Romania.   

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